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on the state he lived in. cpu can watch this and other programs on line at >> googles eric schmidt and jared cohen lay out their vision of the future world in which everyone is digitally connected. this event is a little over one hour and starts now. >> welcome everybody. leave it to eric schmidt and jared cohen to draw a crowd like this at the aspen institute. their book is "the new digital age." eric schmidt is a software engineer by upbringing, was chief technology officer with microsystems and the ceo of novell. he has for those of us who love the digital age and even the old digital age as well as the new digital age, he has a nice -- of having worked at the labs and xerox park places back in the old days when corporations had wonderful retreats for places like that, helped invent some of the great things for the digital age from the transistor to the graphic user interface. he became the ceo of google and is now the executive chairman of google and it's been a long time friend of the aspen institute. thank you for being here, eric. jared cohen, jared growing up when he was a
the transistor to the graphical user interface. he became ceo of google and has been a longtime friend. thank you for being here. jerry cohen, growing up i think he had a travel log. when he was a graduate student he went wandering around starting in the arabian peninsula. very palestinian refugee camps and wrote a great book. it really put him at the intersection of youth culture, geopolitics to nanotechnology. in a very smart move, two secretaries of state had him on policy planning while appointed by secretary rice. and then one of the few, if only people reappointed or read up by secretary hillary clinton. he now runs and helped found google ideas based in new york which really applies technology and other things to geopolitical issues. for example, very recently he announced that he meant trafficking databases around the world, disconnected, like six years 70 of them, some technology to figure how to connect the mall. so the book is the new digital age. let me start with iraq by saying, he met in baghdad. how did that happen? >> let me start by saying that the aspen institute has been a cent
-- avenue varies remove -- she will have other parts of her body removed. >>> google may unveil a new streaming system. last year they introduced their tablet with google glass. >> boy, there is a maim caltrans service. >> yes, a train did hit and killed a pedestrian and investigators are still doing their work and the train has stopped and caltrans has approved single tracking through the area and they have started doing that but there will be major delays inequation cation will update them and me out of the way. 580 is a big mess because of a crash, let's go to steve. >>> many locations are breezy to blustery and we have good gusts in some of the higher elevations and a few high clouds in the northern elevations. 60s or so and that may change in about 10 minute or so. >>> -- 10 minutes or so. >>> still looking for mikaela lynch who you think hope to improve their chances of saving her. >>> we just got off the phone and we will bring you the latest information coming up. >>> we are watching the stock, we will be right back. just wt you had experienced performance, a new ride comes al
francisco's moscone center. that's where google's annual developer conference officially begins. the company uses the three-day io event to introduce its next big thing. this year there are reports that google may unveil a new streaming music service to compete with spotify. last year it introduces the tablets and google glass. >>> and google's ceo larry page, is finally opening up about why he's been yab sent from -- absent from events. he battled a cold 14 years ago, paralyzing his left vocal cord. the problem got worse after another cold last summer and now his right vocal cord is severely restricted. he says he can still handle all of his duties but his voice is soft and raspy. >>> let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. about 45 minutes ago, an expanded search for a missing 9- year-old autistic girl, mikaela lynch, resumed in clearlake. she disappeared over the weekend during a family trip. about 100 law enforcement officers and volunteers are out there searching for her right now. they have received more than 2800 calls from people
&p ended at a record high. a big milestone for google's stock price. it topped $900 for the first time ever after it announced a new streaming music service to compete with pandora. it it also announced a major upgrade to google maps. google seems to be gaining ground at apple's expense. google shares are up while apple is down 18%. the stock market rally is having a positive effect on consumers. we learned consumer confidence climbed to a six-year high this month. most of the good feelings are coming from upper income households more likely to be invest invested in stocks. earn frgs some of the top retailers told a different story about u.s. consumers. walmart said sales at stores open at least a year were down 1% last yaert. the retailer said sales were held back by the payroll tax increase that took effect at the beginning of the year and delayed refunds. >>> macy's reported a 20% increase in profit boosted by tighter cost controls and a 3.8% increase in sales. trouble at jcpenney also helped macy's. jc penny had a decline in sales. they closed the books on the ron johnson era. the apple
, check out the website, i hope you'll follow me on twitter and on google plus. look for @mariabartiromo. >>> first, though, here is a look at the stories coming up in the week ahead that may move the markets and impact your money this week. first quarter earnings reports are out from retailers macy's, walmart, kohl's and jcpenney. last month we get the total retail sales report, get a look at consumer spending there. and wednesday, the producer price index will be produced. the ppi tracks inflation at the wholesale level. thursday the consumer price index to see if we are paying more for our goods. thursday the number of residential units that begun construction last month will be out. >>> finally today, it is as close to perfect as you can get. consumer reports gave the best score it's ever given, a 99 out of 100 to the electric car, the tesla model s. the month partisan, nonprofit magazine cited the tesla's power, handling, and pinpoint interior. tesla just reported the first profitable quarter in the company's ten-year history. by the way, if you're interested, th
out follow me on twitter and google plus. look for me at marie bartiromo. it may move the markets and impact your money. earnings are out from retailers, macy's, walmart, kohl's and j.c. penney. we get the retail sales report, look at consumer spending there. wednesday, the producer price index will be released. the ppi tracks product inflation at the wholesale level. on thursday, we'll get the companion report. the consumer price index to see if we're paying more for our goods. thursday, the number of new residential units that began construction last month will be out. >>> it's as close to perfect as you can get. the best score was given a 99 thanks for being with me. i'll see you next weekend. join a special interview next week. jennifer aniston had a style that launched a thousand haircuts. now the a-list actress is get to go work in the beauty industry. keep it here where we are in the money. i'll see you again next weekend. . but one day it's just gonna be james and her. so as their financial advisor, i'm helping them look at their complete financial picture -- e
, chances are they have your faceprint on file. google and apple also make faceprints. >> atick: my identity, my faceprint should be recognized as my property. my face is as important as my financial records, as my health records. it's very private to me. >> stahl: what do you mean, our faces are private? we're out in the street. >> atick: absolutely. >> stahl: we're walking around. closed-circuit cameras all over the place. are they really private? >> atick: our faces are private in the sense that my face does not walk around with a tag saying "i'm joseph atick" in the street. >> stahl: but marketers are working not just on linking our faces on the street to our names, but to our online profiles with our personal data and shopping history. we used to worry about privacy on the web; now we have to worry about privacy just walking around. >> atick: the link is between the online and offline persona is becoming possible, and that's... >> stahl: because of our faces. >> atick: yes, because of our faces. exactly. >> stahl: with security cameras ever present, some people are already thinking up c
're also in touch with his family. >> we did research on google this morning. this is the first time do me a solid, has been used in american diplomacy. >>> let's bring in abc's martha raddatz, our chief global affairs correspondent, sitting in for george stephanopoulos on "this week." what are your sortsurces in the white house think about rodman's diplomacy? >> a lot of mu diplomatic phrases never heard before. last time he went over there, kim jong-un threatened to launch the missiles. we had a diplomatic crisis for months. so, i don't think dennis rodman did much good last time. of course, everybody is hoping that the american is released, if den mnis rodman can do something, that's great. but nobody is counting on it. >> the controversy over that attack on the american outpostin benghazi gets more intense, what's the potential fallout for hillary clinton, the former secretary of state that may run for president in 2016? >> that's so far away. but it will certainly be something that people will look at. it may be far away, 2016. but this could very likely follow her into a presidential
. download it for free from the amazon app store and on google play. free alarm clock app is also available if you have an i-phone. good morning america is up next. happy mother's day, everyone! see you again at nine. >>> good morning, america. this morning, the never-before-seen dramatic moment cleveland police break through the door of the house of horrors to rescue two of the women held hostage there for a decade. >>> the sinking subdivision. the earth gobbling up houses. people who live there panicking and fleeing. what is causing this slow-motion disaster? and can it be stopped? >>> dribble diplomacy. ex-nba star, dennis rodman is planning his second trip to north korea. find out what he wants his friend, kim jong-un to do. and why is he lashing out at president obama? >>> and the teenage girl who loves twitter and hates to have her tv shows ruined. so, now, she's made an app for that. this morning, we meet the inventor of twivo.
at the intersection of oakland side and fair oaks. from the location from google maps it's across the street from fair oaks elementary school. this broke out in the last 20 minutes or so. these are our first live pictures from chopper 5. it looks like a two-story home. chp initially calling it some sort of apartment complex so it's obviously some sort of residential location. injuries, we're not sure. accuse, we're not sure. but again this is across the -- cause, we're not sure. but again this is across the streets from fair oaks elementary schools. we are following a couple of breaking news. that's one. if you are a caltrain rider, major delays. we are getting first reports of a train versus pedestrian accident. it's just north of the brain is station. it's closer to south san francisco. we just got confirmed with caltrain. it was southbound on tracks between linden and scott street. they have had to shut down trains in both directions. expect major delays. if you want to drive instead 101 looking good morning. they have nod established a bus bridge or anything like that. the investigation is continu
turned up at the house g.o.p. meeting this morning wearing google glass and a couple of reporters got a photo. at $1500 a pair, the web connected glasses are still in beta testing mode. a new survey shows it is not the price that would steer people away from them but the awkwardness of wearing them. 45% said it is social awkwardness that's the main turnoff. someone wearing them would be seeking more information rather than social interaction. michele bachmann's case, we would say that would be seeking misinformation. we're back with more show after the break. stay with us. compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis my rheumatologist prescribed
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Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)